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Submitted 2017-10-16
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  Mike Goff
Submitted 2017-06-30
Al, nice web site. Hadn’t seen this new one until now. Need more Mikey pictures!!
  Mary Wolfe
Submitted 2017-01-31
I’m so excited that Hans-Gerd Gasser from Schwabish Hall, Germany will be dancing with our square dance club in Prattville with some of his dancers!! Thanks for arranging this!!!
  Susie & Gert-Jan Rotscheid
Submitted 2017-01-21
Have to get together sometime again when we’re back in the States.
  Maggie & Bob McLeod
Submitted 2017-01-13
Hi Al, just sending greetings from Canada and the many memories of the good times dancing in Germany in Kaiserlautern.
  Charles and Laverne Campbell
Submitted 2016-03-23
Hi Al, Just a note to say hi! Just heard "Day Dreams" on the radio and thought I would look you up! Cheers!
  Karl von Squaretravel
Submitted 2016-01-27
Hallo Al Viele Grüsse aus Germany. War eine schöne Zeit mit dir.
Submitted 2015-09-05
Hallo Al, just found your new Homepage. Super well made! Hope you and your Family are allright and you had lot of joy spending the Holiday together with your son (Sabine told me that you´d been in Germany to take him to the States). On Monday the Holiday is over an the "Alltag" starts again. Best wishes from Germany and hope to see you maybe on a Special next year. Mari-Carmen
  Jim Wolfe
Submitted 2015-07-03
Here is your first Guestbook entry! I don’t know if this is the format you had in mind.